Elecnor Group bases its structure on two main businesses that enrich and strengthen each other : on the one hand, Services and Projects, with the execution of engineering, construction and service projects; and, on the other, the Infrastructure and Renewables Investment business, which involves the promotion, financing, investment and management of power transmission and generation assets, as well as other strategic assets.

The Services and Projects Business is developed through Elecnor and various subsidiaries specialised in certain activities.

The Infrastructure and Renewables Investment Business is driven by Enerfín and the joint venture Celeo.

Essential Services and Sustainable Projects

This is the heart of the Group's business, both in terms of experience and economic dimensions. In this field, Elecnor acts as an integral manager of services and projects within the activities of electricity, power generation, gas, telecommunications and systems, railways, maintenance, facilities, construction, water, environment and space.

This area is mainly developed through Elecnor, but also operates a number of subsidiaries with business segment expertise operate in this area, helping to enrich the comprehensive service capacity Elecnor provides its customers. These specialised subsidiaries are Área 3, AtersaAudeca, Hidroambiente, Ehisa, Elecnor Deimos, Elecnor Seguridad y Jomar Seguridad.

Infrastructure and Renewables Investment

Elecnor Group began developing investment projects related to its business areas several years ago, building on its experience in infrastructure construction and operation and its financial wherewithal.  It is focusing in particular on undertakings in the fields of energy infrastructure and renewable energy.

Through the subsidiary Enerfín and the joint venture Celeo, the Elecnor Group has more than 1,700 MW of renewable energy in operation and under construction, and more than 6,800 km of power transmission lines.


Infrastructures, renewable energies, services and technologies

Power generation
Energy Maintenance and Efficiency
Elecnor is a leader in the sector, both in Spain and abroad, in distribution networks, transmission lines and transformer substations.

Positioned as a benchmark company for the main electricity operators, it has achieved a progressive and constant expansion of its market and growing internationalisation.

As part of the Elecnor Group, Elecnor promotes its purpose by generating change and well-being, bringing infrastructures, energy and services to territories all over the world so that they can develop their potential, placing engineering and technology at the service of people's well-being.


Enerfín is the renewable energy subsidiary of the Elecnor Group that promotes, develops, builds and operates wind and solar energy investment projects, both in Spain and abroad.


Celeo is a company dedicated to the promotion, investment and management of infrastructure assets, taking on the comprehensive management of the Elecnor Group's concessions and investments.​ Celeo is a joint venture with APG.

Our goal: to develop a reliable organisation that serves as a framework for the development of its corporate responsibility.